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We help you make better financial decisions based on objective data.
Using quantitative analysis, our tools will provide everything you need to effectively invest in crypto and manage your portfolio.


In 2020 we separately began our search for a risk oriented approach to trading and investing. The search did not yield any productive results.

During 2021 we had both ended up constructing our own risk-models, independent of each other. Through fate and a stroke of luck, internet brought us together. 

We quickly saw the potential in our common goal, and decided to team up. After months of programming, testing, and developing, we finally had the risk-indicator we had been looking for since 2020.

Core minds
Alessandro Parini
Alessandro Parini
University of Basel
Axel Wikner
Axel Wikner
BA & Data Scientist

We are two academics with a background in economics and computer science at the Universities of Basel and Trondheim. We have a common background in Investing and quantitative analysis. In addition to our academic background, we also have experience in web development and programming.

A few years ago, we started crafting our own risk-models for investing, and seeing how well they performed, we turned it into a business in early 2022. 

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